Cost Analysis Workshop

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This workshop will help you understand your trucking company’s bottom line, tax strategies, and how to increase your profit margin. You will learn:

-An overview of the trucking industry
-How to read and understand financial statements
-Cost analysis methods and techniques
-Driver pay and tax strategies
-How to negotiate rates with freight broker

-The best way to manage your expenses.

This workshop is a must for any trucking company owner, owner operator or manager.

5 reviews for Cost Analysis Workshop

  1. Jessica

    Love the enthusiasm and interpersonal

    • LLG Transportation Consultants

      Thank you so much for participating and supporting us.

  2. Artricia Baker

    Thanks. I’m ready to Learn

    • LLG Transportation Consultants

      Thank you so much for your support! We love your enthusiasm!

  3. Edward fowler

    I was very interested in your company strategy I watched you guys on truck and hustle and it sparked my interest , I drove a truck for 35 years. Now trying to move on to something else in the transportation industry I have family members that have faced a trucking company while she’s struggling to keep it float. I recently had two strokes I want to help out but I have no clue in what I can do in transportation at this point.

    • LLG Transportation Consultants

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We appreciate your encouraging words and support.

  4. Ford

    The information and resources this consulting company (LLG) provides is absolutely amazing. Everything is there. It’s up to you to execute it!

    • LLG Transportation Consultants

      We appreciate your support and encouraging words! Thank you!

  5. Adrianne Jones

    Always great information and instructions.

    • LLG Transportation Consultants

      Thank you, Adrianne, for your support. We strive to educate and empower!

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